There’s a New Kid, Lola Hopscotch!

Cover reveal! There's also a new Lola Hopscotch book! Available for pre-order now with Amazon and other fine book vendors, There's a New Kid, Lola Hopscotch! is a favorite wintertime read-out-loud story for kids! Lola Hopscotch makes a new friend at school, and helps the new kid feel comfortable with others, in this exciting new … Continue reading There’s a New Kid, Lola Hopscotch!

Lola Watches a Solar Eclipse

Thank you for visiting Lola's blog. One of the first road trips we took Lola on was to Wyoming to see a solar eclipse! What a fun trip that was. The day turned to dusk as the moon crossed in front of the sun. These are photos we took that day. Lola and her protective … Continue reading Lola Watches a Solar Eclipse