Lola’s Kickstarter launches December 1!

We're very excited to announce that the Kickstarter for Lola Hopscotch and the First Day of School starts tomorrow, December 01 2019, at 8 a.m. Mountain Time. The story:An irresistible picture book with great read-out-loud potential, Lola Hopscotch and the First Day of School will charm children in preschool through third grade and their parents … Continue reading Lola’s Kickstarter launches December 1!

Bunny Sighting!

Colorado Springs, Colorado. Poor Richards. Approximate time 4 PM, April 1. Photo credit: Chris Mandeville, Monument, Colorado. This is Ronnie! Ronnie loves flowers. He is the a wonderfully photogenic little guy! We were out for coffee and went browsing the toy store next to the coffee shop and there he was. How could we leave … Continue reading Bunny Sighting!

Bunny Sighting!

Monument, Colorado. Approximately 9 PM, March 30. What a great bunny! We love the way this little guy looks realistic, especially around his eyes. We sighted this bunny while have a wonderful dinner with good friends. The adoring bunny owner acquired this cutie while out antiquing and he's a great addition to the front entrance … Continue reading Bunny Sighting!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Lola Hopscotch!

We love these little shamrocks that grow wild here. They're growing with the aloe vera inside now! The aloe plant is actually in the house now because the temperature is too cold for it to be outside. During summer and autumn we set it on the Porch of Wonder. It looks like last summer some … Continue reading Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Lola Hopscotch!

The Hoot Succulent Garden

Succulents are so much fun to grow. And they are CUTE! We got the plants at Lowe's about two weeks ago. The owl plant pots came from Amazon. They were a holiday gift. What a sweet thing to send! Two favorite things around here are owls and any kind of a plant to take care … Continue reading The Hoot Succulent Garden

Bomb Cyclone

Today there was a bomb cyclone over Colorado. The rain started in the middle of the night and snow started early this morning. The blizzard was intense! Lots of snow, too. The storm was so strong because it was really warm here yesterday and then cold air mixed with the warm air. Spring time weather … Continue reading Bomb Cyclone

Lola Watches a Solar Eclipse

Thank you for visiting Lola's blog. One of the first road trips we took Lola on was to Wyoming to see a solar eclipse! What a fun trip that was. The day turned to dusk as the moon crossed in front of the sun. These are photos we took that day. Lola and her protective … Continue reading Lola Watches a Solar Eclipse