The Hoot Succulent Garden

Succulents are so much fun to grow. And they are CUTE! We got the plants at Lowe’s about two weeks ago.

The owl plant pots came from Amazon. They were a holiday gift. What a sweet thing to send! Two favorite things around here are owls and any kind of a plant to take care of. The pots are ceramic and about three inches tall by about two inches wide. It was originally a set of six but one was broken on arrival.

With it being winter and a wild blizzard happening yesterday, it will be a few more weeks before we can start up the gardens outside.

Care for these little cuties so far has been once a week watering. They live in a windowsill that doesn’t get to much direct sun. So far that works for them. They are in regular potting soil from the hardware store.

Lola loves these cute hoot pots and baby succulents! We can’t wait to get outside this spring, although this sweet little garden certainly helps make the time go by. We love taking care of them.

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