Mini Greenhouse Using Eggshells and an Egg Carton

We saw this idea somewhere and I can’t remember where. We saved 24 eggshells to get this started, along with the plastic egg carton.

The great part about using this type of carton is that you can close it up after you plant the seeds to create a small greenhouse. Perfect for starting seeds!

In this photo you can see that the eggshells we saved were just cracked and opened on one end, rather than cracking the eggs in the middle. This created a nicely sized pot for the seeds.

We used seed starter pellets for this and I cut the netting back. Any of the eggshell pots that didn’t have a wide enough opening on top were chipped out a little until the pellet fit.

Once I added warm water so the pellet expanded, I planted my seeds. They took about a week to sprout. I kept the little “greenhouse” in a warm spot that got some sunshine, but not too much. It worked fine.

This is a little garden of herbs. I used these paper markers to mark the rows of each type. Two rows of lavender because that’s a favorite around here!

The seedlings are almost two weeks old now. You can see they need culled some.

After that I’ll let them grow inside until our planting season arrives. They should be nice, strong plants by then. Once the garden space is prepped, I plan to crack the sides and bottoms of the eggshell pots, loosen the remaining netting as needed, and set them in the ground that way. That’s a great way to add some good minerals into the herb garden plot.

So far this has been a fun and inexpensive way to start something growing while we wait for winter to make a final decision here. It snowed again yesterday and snow is in the forecast again this weekend. I’ll post again when the seedlings are a little bigger. Lola loves this stuff too, being a garden bunny. (=

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